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Month: February 2017

Are Ugly Shoes The Next Big Thing In Fashion?

Ugly shoes must be a new fashion because I am seeing them everywhere I look.  I can’t argue that Crocs and Ugg boots are comfortable.  Well, considering I have never actually put a pair of either of the brands on my feet I guess I could argue that but it would be unfounded.  They are obviously comfortable or thousands of people around me would not be wearing them.  I can’t go out for an hour without seeing these appalling things on people’s feet.

Crocs are ugly enough but what makes them worse is when I see people wearing socks with them.  It just takes ugly fashion to another level right there.  Most of the time I see this happening is with the older generation crowd.  Uggs on the other hand are not with the older crowd.  Women wear them everywhere.  It doesn’t matter if they are going out to dinner or visiting their local Walmart they use the same pair of ugly Ugg boots to go out in.

Don’t get me wrong I am happy for the companies.  Congratulations on making a successful product.  I wish I had thought of it and could be rolling around in all that money.  However, I am not the inventor and now I have to deal with seeing these shoes whenever I go out.  Another sad psychics in Salem point is they are so popular that I actually saw several pairs of crocs and Uggs being worn at a fashion show in Paris this past fall.

The good news for you ugly footwear shoppers is that Crocs and Uggs are very affordable.  For around $30 you can pick up a pair of Crocs and you can get a pair of Ugs for about $130.  Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive but it definitely is in the eye of the beholder.

How Nike and The Jordan Brand Made Sneakers Fashionable

Before Michael Jordan came onto the scene with Nike, sneakers were never really collectible and especially not made for fashion.  Nike turned running shoes into a fashion accessory and they did this by having their shoes endorsed by high end athletes.  This was not a cheap endeavor but it did end up paying off for them……big time!  Nike made its first pair of shoes in a waffle iron.  You may notice the resemblance at the tread on the bottom of your shoe.

This unique idea was developed out of necessity.  Bill Bowerman came up with the idea and design because he wanted shoes that gripped like track spikes without the actual spikes.  The shoes were made specifically for runners and they had no intention of making them into an everyday shoe for the masses.  You might find it interesting that the first Jordan shoe that was created back in 1984 was initially banned by the NBA.  David Stern banned the shoe because they were not mostly white which was a rule back in those days.  Michael Jordan decided to play in the shoes regardless of the rule and Nike happily paid all the fines associated with playing in the Air Jordans.

As Jordan’s fame grew so did his shoe brand.  It also drew the attention of the hip hop community and has gathered millions of faithful collectors over the years.  Not only do people collect the latest styles and models, they will buy multiple of the same model because they want each colorway the shoe comes in.  This has made the Air Jordan and mediums in orlando brand one of the most successful shoe brands in all of history.

Many times when a new model is released people will line up outside the store several days before its release.  When the time finally arrives, the shoes will be completely sold out within 15 minutes of opening.  In order to get access to the shoes many people have paid thousands of dollars above and beyond the retail price just to own a pair in the color that they desire.  Nike’s unique and creative marketing has certainly paid off for the company and its investors over the years.

3 Men’s Shoe Styles That You Must Have

Most guys will not admit it but for the most part, the majority of us love shoes.  We may not go on and on about it like women do, but we appreciate a good pair of shoes every now and then.  The difference is most guys choose shoes for function rather than for fashion.  We don’t go to bars and talk about the number of pairs of shoes we have in our closets but we do like to have a variety to choose from.

Who wants to wear the same shoes day in and day out anyway?  We don’t need a hundred pairs of shoes or even fifty.  However, we need a selection depending on the type of occasion we are going to.  With this in mind, I have been able to narrow down the perfect footwear that every man should have in his closet.  It comes down to these three styles.  You can have more of course and there is nothing wrong with that but more is not necessary.

Pair #1

Every guy needs a pair of boots that are business casual.  These are known as chukkas and are very comfortable.  When you are going out they give the impression that you care about your appearance and are hip to new trends.  They can be worn with blue jeans or khakis, at the office or at the local bar.  It won’t be hard to find this style either.  Simply head over to your local mall and pretty much every store will have this style.

Pair #2


Every man needs to have a pair of black leather dress shoes.  These shoes are called for on many occasions including work, weddings, fancy dinners, and banquets.  Whenever you go on a cruise ship you will always have a formal night and these guys will be the perfect option for you.  You can find these shoes in a wide variety of prices from hand stitched Italian leather at a premium price ($300 or more) to inexpensive faux leather for about $40.  Don’t break the bank, just find a pair that looks good and is priced in your budget.


Pair #3

Image result for athletic shoes

A nice pair of athletic trainers are essential to the average man’s wardrobe.  They are a key piece that is needed when you travel to the gym, workout, play sports, go for a jog or have a lot of walking to do at a theme park.  Most guys are going to have more than one pair of sneakers.  Some are even “sneakerheads” and try to collect every color way.  Either way, this style is essential.

These 3 styles that we mentioned are a great start to a man’s shoe collection.  It doesn’t cover every style but it takes care of the basics.  One other style I would definitely want to have is the sandal or flip flop.  They are perfect for the beach and give off the casual look and vibe.

2017’s Latest Shoe Fashions – Time To Show Off

The stars on the runway may set the latest trends but not all of them are going to appeal to the mass crowds.  In fact, I am willing to bet that most of the shoe styles that I saw on the runway this year are not going to be seen out on the street very much.  Here is a picture of a few examples that I encountered in at the Paris Fashion Show this year.

Now some styles are better than others.  I’m definitely not a fan of the shoe in the middle.  However, if standing out is your main concern then that shoe is perfect for you.  I did start to see a bit of a trend with shoes that have straps to wrap around the ankle.  This is going to be very big this year and it will certainly trickle down to the main stream marketplace.

My favorite shoe at the fashion show this year goes to Jason Wu.  It was by far the most simplistic design of the group which is why I believe it will be a big success in his current shoe line.  It displays the beauty of the woman’s foot.  This is best worn on a woman who has slender and toned feet.  I would not suggest that you wear this shoe if you are overweight or do not have elegant feet.

Some other major brands that were displayed on the runway this year include Louis Vuitton, Altuzarra, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Derek Lam, and Prada.  Along with the tie laces, another major trend we have seen are platform heels, shoes and loafers.  They seem to be making a comeback like and we will be seeing a lot more styles coming into the stores this spring.  So keep an eye out and let us know when you find something unique.  We may just put it on our blog and give you credit for it.  Thanks again, and until next year.

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