Ugly shoes must be a new fashion because I am seeing them everywhere I look.  I can’t argue that Crocs and Ugg boots are comfortable.  Well, considering I have never actually put a pair of either of the brands on my feet I guess I could argue that but it would be unfounded.  They are obviously comfortable or thousands of people around me would not be wearing them.  I can’t go out for an hour without seeing these appalling things on people’s feet.

Crocs are ugly enough but what makes them worse is when I see people wearing socks with them.  It just takes ugly fashion to another level right there.  Most of the time I see this happening is with the older generation crowd.  Uggs on the other hand are not with the older crowd.  Women wear them everywhere.  It doesn’t matter if they are going out to dinner or visiting their local Walmart they use the same pair of ugly Ugg boots to go out in.

Don’t get me wrong I am happy for the companies.  Congratulations on making a successful product.  I wish I had thought of it and could be rolling around in all that money.  However, I am not the inventor and now I have to deal with seeing these shoes whenever I go out.  Another sad psychics in Salem point is they are so popular that I actually saw several pairs of crocs and Uggs being worn at a fashion show in Paris this past fall.

The good news for you ugly footwear shoppers is that Crocs and Uggs are very affordable.  For around $30 you can pick up a pair of Crocs and you can get a pair of Ugs for about $130.  Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive but it definitely is in the eye of the beholder.