Most guys will not admit it but for the most part, the majority of us love shoes.  We may not go on and on about it like women do, but we appreciate a good pair of shoes every now and then.  The difference is most guys choose shoes for function rather than for fashion.  We don’t go to bars and talk about the number of pairs of shoes we have in our closets but we do like to have a variety to choose from.

Who wants to wear the same shoes day in and day out anyway?  We don’t need a hundred pairs of shoes or even fifty.  However, we need a selection depending on the type of occasion we are going to.  With this in mind, I have been able to narrow down the perfect footwear that every man should have in his closet.  It comes down to these three styles.  You can have more of course and there is nothing wrong with that but more is not necessary.

Pair #1

Every guy needs a pair of boots that are business casual.  These are known as chukkas and are very comfortable.  When you are going out they give the impression that you care about your appearance and are hip to new trends.  They can be worn with blue jeans or khakis, at the office or at the local bar.  It won’t be hard to find this style either.  Simply head over to your local mall and pretty much every store will have this style.

Pair #2


Every man needs to have a pair of black leather dress shoes.  These shoes are called for on many occasions including work, weddings, fancy dinners, and banquets.  Whenever you go on a cruise ship you will always have a formal night and these guys will be the perfect option for you.  You can find these shoes in a wide variety of prices from hand stitched Italian leather at a premium price ($300 or more) to inexpensive faux leather for about $40.  Don’t break the bank, just find a pair that looks good and is priced in your budget.


Pair #3

Image result for athletic shoes

A nice pair of athletic trainers are essential to the average man’s wardrobe.  They are a key piece that is needed when you travel to the gym, workout, play sports, go for a jog or have a lot of walking to do at a theme park.  Most guys are going to have more than one pair of sneakers.  Some are even “sneakerheads” and try to collect every color way.  Either way, this style is essential.

These 3 styles that we mentioned are a great start to a man’s shoe collection.  It doesn’t cover every style but it takes care of the basics.  One other style I would definitely want to have is the sandal or flip flop.  They are perfect for the beach and give off the casual look and vibe.